Knowledge of life

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Today we are in a state of perpetual wild goose chase. Problem is we don’t even know what goose we are chasing. We are happy with the experience of the chase but it seems as though we lost the ability to choose life. We choose death instead of life. The reason for this is we have lost the meaning of life. Life is all about living. Life is not a factory and you cannot manufacture it. Yet we are seeking manufactured life and manufactured happiness.

We think we can buy life in a store. We queue up stores after stores to buy it. Either we are running around to work and pay off the happiness we brought in the store or we are standing in the queue to buy the next cool stuff. We keep doing this until we realize that there is no happiness in life. By the time we realize it, it could be too late. What we need today more than anything is the knowledge of how to live. To live, materials are surely a distraction. Social status is a myth. Nobody cares what you have or how you conduct yourself before them. What you truly need is freedom from all these materials and pseudo social status. Life is not a commodity to trade. It is truly precious, more than anything you wanted to buy. When is the last time you took care of yourself? I mean truly took care of your inner most being? When is the last time you fed life with peace and tranquility?

There once was a nice couple who lived in a lavish estate. They had everything. They were very happy. They spoke to God every day. They were destined to be rulers of the world. They had extraordinary wisdom. They knew about every living animals and they knew to even talk to the animals. They knew the language of animals. Yet they searched unwanted things in their life. They wanted to be like God instead of be under God. What did I mean by be like God? I meant have control over everything. Similar to how we want to be in control of everything, they wanted to be in control of everything. In order to achieve that, they listened to a foolish animal instead of the living God. They believed in hearsay than absolute truth. They wanted worldliness instead of Godly love. They listened to the world instead of God. That ended their happy life. They moved away from the presence of God and started living in this cursed world. A world that is merciless and unforgiving. A world that is full of hatred and murder. A world that is full of lies and deceit. I think by now you would have guessed who this couple was. This was Adam and Eve our forefather and mother. They lost everything and as their children we lost everything. But what did the Father do? He sent his only begotten Son and gave that Son to redeem our generation from sin and curse. He did that so that we can go back to that mansion that is watered and planted by God. Let us therefore stop this wild goose chase and worship the Father. When the Father is in control, you don’t need any control. Just eat the fruits of His labor and bask in the bosom of His Son. That is the only true way to be happy and content in this life and in the eternal life.

LORD we humbly submit our lives to you. We are tired and burdened by this world. Please help us let go. In Jesus name we ask Amen!



Purity in Knowledge

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In todays world of information overload, there is a big lack in gaining purity in knowledge. What is pure knowledge? Pure knowledge is something where we are very sure on the information we have. You can trust this information as though you can risk your life for it. Such knowledge is pure knowledge. You cannot gain pure knowledge unless you have verified that knowledge to it most primitive source and you are convinced that it is true.